As an experience distributor and wholesaler of Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products, Foret Global pushes the envelope to provide unmatchable services, with unparalleled pricing solutions to National and International clients. We trade in Diesel, Biodiesel, Air Craft Fuels, Motor Vehicle Fuel, Lubricants and other refined petroleum products, in bulk. We are equipped to dispense into petrol stations, tankages, and other approved storage facilities. We provide the required transportation logistics to get your fuel on time to you under all weather conditions.

Foret Global specializes in providing a wide range of Parts, Supplies and Tools for the Oil and Gas Industry. We serve domestic and International clients. Products provided includes, but are not limited to:

•    Bearings         Instruments & Controls
•    Brakes and ClutchesRubber Sealing Products
•    Electric Equipment Supplies & Greases
 •    Filters & Fluids

Tools & Lubricants

 •    Fittings & Flanges 

Wear Parts

 •    Hoses & Belts 

Oil Seals

 •    Hydraulic Equipment

Valves and Sprockets

Foret Global sources and delivers Land Rigs, Jack-up Rigs, Mud Pumps, Trucks, BOP Control Systems and other heavy duty equipment

Refined Energy Products:
Foret Global Energy is a Wholesale provider of Petroleum based energy products for the Government, Industry and petroleum retail outlets. Products include:
•    Gasoline
•    Diesel
•    Fuel Oil
•    Kerosene
•    Biodiesel
•    Bunker Fuels
•    Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
•    Asphalt
•    Lubricants
Our bulk operations enable us to serve both National and International customers.

Our Governmental services division supplies the United States General Services Administration (GSA) and other Federal and State Government Agencies with refined petroleum products, including Diesel Gas Oil, Biodiesel, AV gas, Jet Fuel, Motor Vehicle Fuel, Lubricants, lubricating fuels and other related products.

Crude Oil Division
FGOE Crude Oil Division has embarked on a strategy that will enable the company to obtain its own Oil Block in West Africa, manage its development and have significant control over their crude oil production. The company has a network of Joint Ventures and Partnerships that has allowed it to make independent decisions and operate in a comfortable environment. The company anticipates strong production return from its West African Oil Fields. FGOE has mastered the West African maze and is constantly delivering crude oil to Refineries and Traders around the world. From Asia to South America, FGOE has satisfied the appetite of Refineries and Traders by delivering Pregnant Tankers with West African Light Crude Oil. FGOE has partnered with Allocation Holders and Oil Field operators and other wholesalers. These business relationships positioned FGOE as a reliable and dependable player in the West African Crude Oil Environment

Fuel Trading Division
Automotive Gas Oil, Diesel and Gasoline are the most highly used Refined Petroleum Products in the world. They account for over 80% of the yield of the average crude oil barrel.

Although the use of these products are different for almost every region, with every country requiring different specifications, blending and mixtures, FGOE delivers. Our agreements with refineries and regional blenders help us meet the technical specification required by our customers.

Whether we engage our vessel charter service or deliver product Free On Board (FOB), FGOE will procure, blend and deliver. Our customers include resellers, major oil companies, traders, end users and Governments.