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Foret Global believes in strong and sustainable alliances. Our major strategy is to become an avid supplier of Oil Field Equipment to industry-wide operators and companies. And a contractual supplier of refined petroleum products including LPG and lubricants to various Governmental agencies including the USA Defense Logistics Agency, GSA and all other agencies, departments and states. Also, Foret is an aggressive marketer to national and international commercial entities. The company began focusing on supplying petroleum products to Governmental and commercial companies in the Caribbean and Central America, with the hope of filling the void created by the unsustainable Petrocaribe Program. Additionally, Foret has the ability to effectively and competently manage private and public petroleum tank-farm facilities. The company is positioned to engage well qualified and experience technicians and tank-farm engineers with the ability to manage such facilities.
Foret regularly ships various kinds of refined petroleum products from Houston and other points of origin to various destinations and tank farms along the eastern seaboard, via Colonial Pipeline. One of the company’s goals is to gain shippers access on all commercial pipelines throughout the continental USA and Canada


With projected 2016 revenues in excess of 100 million US dollars, Foret Global Energy has put its marketing machine in the vanguard of the company’s operations.  Today the company’s customer and supply base includes, several petroleum refineries, large and small refine oil blenders and producers, such as British Petroleum (BP), Phillips 66, Valero, Flint Hill Resources and strong working relationships with Sun Coast Resources and Energie Row LLC, along with the United States Government, and International Distributors.  We are engineering, agreements with Governments and commercial entities across the Caribbean. Our market is assured.

About Foret Global

Foret Global Oil Equipment Inc. is a licensed distributor, reseller and pipeline-shipper of refined petroleum products. The company has forged strategic alliances and contractual agreements for the perpetual supply of refined petroleum products, storage and transportation.

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